Parent Support + Advocacy

BrainAcademi is pleased to offer parent support and advocacy for your child’s learning journey through private consultations with Lisa Jaakkola, our Senior Educational Advisor, B.PE., Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education – Dept. of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education / UBC Faculty of Education

Her 25 years of experience in education will help you better understand your child’s reports, assessments, Ministry of Education identification, Individualized Education Plan’s (IEPs), rights with accommodations as well as guidance in establishing key relationships within the school system and building a communication network on behalf of your child.

Understanding Assessments >

  • Meet with parents to review previous assessments
  • Written summary of previous assessment as requested to guide tutoring and support
  • Explain how current assessment dictates individual programming
  • Inform parents of the school assessment process, including the pros and cons of school-delivered psycho-educational assessments vs. private assessments

Understanding Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) >

  • Explain IEP’s to parents – purpose, who should be involved and what to expect?
  • Develop/update IEP goals and communicate with school personnel if requested
  • Liaison between home and school and collaborate with school on development of IEP goals, objectives and strategies
  • Act as Parent Advocate available to attend meetings, communicate with school personnel, help with planning, developing and reviewing IEP goals, objectives and strategies

Parent Support >

  • Review and interpret report cards
  • Review school correspondence and discuss content
  • Determine an action plan for individual students: outlining goals, objectives, and strategies
  • Advise parents on best practices for supporting their child, based on their specific profile
  • Provide written reports outlining and summarizing specific needs and observations for parents requiring summary/documentation when seeking further assessments and diagnoses etc.
  • Navigating the public education system on the North Shore – where to seek help and how to proceed if you feel your child requires extra support
  • Parent Consultation to discuss benefit of further assessment from a medical or psyhco-educational perspective
  • Linking parents to resources as requested