BrainAcademi Literacy Program

Does your child need reading support for Dyslexia, Written Output or Orthographic Processing? Enroll your child in our multi-sensory and research validated Literacy Program! Our educators have specialized literacy training and our step-by-step program follows an Orton-Gillingham like approach for decoding/reading and comprehension.

  • Each private 90 minute session focuses on intensive phonemic awareness & symbol imagery
  • Individualized Instructional Plan (IIP) based on the BrainAcademi intake assessment will be delivered to each student in a paced, structured and progressive approach
  • In-person parent progress meeting scheduled after 20 hours of instruction

Literacy Intake Assessment >

The BrainAcademi Intake Assessment is the first step in your child’s learning journey with us. The purpose of the assessment is to identify, measure and evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses in reading and comprehension. These results are scored and summarized to provide a baseline understanding of areas that may be impacting academic performance and will also be the foundation for the student’s Individualized Instructional Plan (IIP) at BrainAcademi.

  • 1.5 hour private testing and assessment with each student
  • Scoring, evaluation and summarizing report of those findings
  • Follow up consultation with parent(s) to review the summarized results
  • Total cost is $250 + tax

Our grade 6 daughter has been working with BrainAcademi since they opened. We have had a great experience with this unique educational organization. The staff are friendly, flexible, supportive, professional and well organized! Specifically, our daughter has now completed enough of the BrainAcademi Literacy Program that she is at grade level in school. We felt so confident with her progress that we switched her focus within BrainAcademi over to curriculum-based tutoring.

I love that my daughter is happy and feels encouraged at BrainAcademi. We are very pleased with her results and are very grateful for the staff’s attention and expertise. We would recommend BrainAcademi to anyone with children with dyslexia or those who just need a boost with curriculum work.

Parent / BrainAcademi Literacy Program