Build a stronger brain, create a new reality and transform your future!

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to re-wire itself. Think of our Cognitive Enhancement Program like exercise for the brain. Going to the gym has health benefits for a person’s muscles, heart and overall health. Our cognitive exercises have a similar effect on the brain by getting it into shape and ensuring it has a greater capacity to absorb and process information.

What is Cognition?

Simply put - cognition is how a person understands and interacts with the world around them. Understanding life’s connections and complexities and being able to process them in real time is the key to a healthy brain.

Cognitive health impacts every aspect of an individual – from executive functioning through to perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, speech, and visual and spatial processing. When people strengthen these parts of the brain they can find broad based benefits across many areas of their daily lives.

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  • Evidence-based Arrowsmith Cognitive Enhancement Program has been successfully delivered for 40+ years
  • BrainAcademi program led by Arrowsmith Educator with more than 15 years of experience
  • Self-paced and individualized program with weekly tracking and achievable milestones to strengthen targeted brain areas
  • Web-based data collection allows teachers to track progress, monitor engagement and give immediate feedback
  • Increasing difficulty, delivered incrementally for sustained engagement, challenge and personal growth
  • Positive, supportive and structured learning environment
  • Group sessions foster strong social connections and community
  • Group sessions delivered online or in person
  • Minimum commitment is 4 hours per week per cognitive function