The Arrowsmith Cognitive Enhancement Program strengthens learning capacities and academic outcomes for students of all ages! Think of our Arrowsmith Program like exercise for your brain. Going to the gym has health benefits for a person’s muscles, heart and overall well-being. Cognitive exercises have a similar effect on the brain by getting it into shape and ensuring it has a greater capacity to absorb and process information. 

Cognitive health impacts every aspect of an individual from perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language and speech through to visual and spatial processing and executive functioning. When people strengthen the parts of the brain responsible for making these connections, they can find broad based benefits across many areas of their daily lives. Brain Health and wellness for all ages! Elementary, Teen and Adult Arrowsmith Programs offered.

The most common benefits of the Arrowsmith Program include:

  • improved visual and auditory memory
  • improved attention, concentration and mental clarity
  • strengthened working memory, processing speed and cognitive efficiency
  • strengthened cognitive processes necessary for more efficient learning
  • improved verbal and non-verbal thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills
  • improved capacity for concept formation for both visual-spatial and language based materials
  • improved fine-motor skills necessary for writing and note taking
  • increased self confidence