BrainTrainer for Performance (15+)

Get your head in the game. We’re not here to tell you about your business or your sport…we’re here to introduce you to your untapped potential. You bring the talent, experience and preparation and we’ll show you how cognitive exercises can open you up to greater levels of success in your pursuits.

Research tells us that with stronger cognitive capacities in key brain networks, the brain doesn’t have to work as hard; it takes in, processes, understands, and responds with a new level of speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Game changer.

Framework for success >

Our BrainTrainer program builds on the foundations of mental fitness and performance excellence; FOCUS, PERCEPTION, READINESS, CONCENTRATION, EXECUTION + TRUST.

BrainTrainer uses the research validated Arrowsmith Cognitive Enhancement Program:

  • 40 years in practice and taught around the world
  • Sharpens brain function and performance under pressure
  • Increases focus and mental clarity
  • Allows you to harness your mental capabilities and resources in a new way
  • Builds greater self-awareness and opens you up to new possibilities
  • Builds trust in your mental processes and in real-time decision making capabilities
  • Increases physical and spatial awareness
  • Has a positive impact on physical and mental recovery
  • Enhances your situational responses allowing you to perform to your highest potential

In a sport like competitive ski racing there can be as little as 1000’s
of a second between first and third place. Mentally, it’s really important to have fine tuned cognitive reflexes, so my split second responses come naturally and I’m not playing catch up when I’m racing down the hill. The Arrowsmith Program really helped my performance by solidifying these skills and giving me more

control of what is happening in each given situation. I recommend this program to anyone who is really interested in training and preparing mentally in the same way they do physically for competition.
Ski Racer / Arrowsmith BrainTrainer Program