StaySharp for Brain Health (50+)

It’s never too late for Neuroplasticity!  As we age, we     begin to notice physical and mental changes that can impact our capabilities in every aspect of life. Brain change IS inevitable but cognitive decline is not a foregone conclusion!

Research shows that cognitive exercises strengthen executive function, attention, memory, motor skills, and visual and spatial processing. Once strengthened the brain is calmer and more capable – allowing it to better navigate the complexities of life and relationships.

The Arrowsmith Program can >

  • Sharpen brain function and performance
  • Increase mental clarity and the ability to complete tasks faster
  • Increase ability to understand concepts and problem solve
  • Increase ability to participate more fully in group settings
  • Gain confidence in social interactions
  • Maintain mobility and increase agility
  • Positive impact on physical and mental recovery

This Program could be for you if >

  • Feel like you are losing your ‘edge’
  • Are looking to maintain your independence
  • Struggle with poor memory or ‘brain fog’
  • Have difficulty organizing and prioritizing your thoughts & tasks
  • Find it hard to make sense of what people are asking you to do
  • Withdraw or feel lost/frustrated in social settings and group conversations
This Arrowsmith program at BrainAcademi has definitely made a positive impact on my mom’s life. We’ve noticed a renewed capacity to tackle important changes in her life as well as an increased resiliency and clarity in managing projects and tasks. We look forward to seeing the continued benefits of her work at BrainAcademi!
Daughter / 77 year old Arrowsmith Student
I’m happy to report that I am more easy going with my family, with my kids, I am lighter and I laugh more. It’s given me more confidence in myself.
Arrowsmith Student / StaySharp