Young Adult Program (18+)

Learning and personal growth continue well after high school. BrainAcademi’s’ program for young adults strengthens key areas in the brain responsible for continued learning, work, and further career planning.

Our program equips students to better cope with the practicalities and complexities of everyday life, which opens them up to building stronger and more meaningful relationships with family, friends, at work and with their community.

Continued Learning + Academics >

  • Builds academic skills such as word identification, reading fluency, math calculation, math fluency and writing
  • Improves fine-motor skills necessary for reading, writing and note taking
  • Improves visual and auditory memory

Executive Function Skills >

  • Scheduling, organizing and time management skills
  • Improves verbal and non-verbal thinking, reasoning and problem solving
  • Improves processing speed and working memory
  • improves attention and concentration

Relationships + Well-Being >

  • Increases emotional awareness, flexibility and resilience
  • Better mental health
  • Improves confidence
  • Decreases Anxiety
I wanted to send a note to tell you what a huge difference we are seeing in our daughter. We have noticed great improvements in her attention and memory and she is also so much more pleasant to live with! Before Arrowsmith it felt like there were so many times when simple conversations seemed to turn into big arguments… and that’s just not happening anymore. We’re so glad she has been able to do the program and have your support!
Parent / Arrowsmith Young Adult Program
I’m excited to share some of the positive aspects of the Arrowsmith Program that we’ve noticed in our son so far! He is more engaged in the world and issues outside of himself. He is more interested in the people around him and finding it easier socially. We’re finding he is more proactive with daily tasks without my help and without reminders – such as appointments, online banking, groceries, laundry, cleaning the kitchen etc. It’s made a huge difference in our family – thank you!
Parent / Arrowsmith Young Adult Program