Consult with an expert in Parent Support + Advocacy

LISA JAAKKOLA, Masters of Education (Dept. of Educational/Counselling Psychology and Special Education), Bachelor of Education + BC Professional Teaching Certificate – UBC Faculty of Education, B.PE. (UBC)

  • Meet with parents to review previous assessments
  • Written summary of previous assessment as requested to guide tutoring and support 
  • Explain how current assessment dictates individual programming
  • Inform parents of the school assessment process, including the pros and cons of school-delivered psycho-educational assessments vs. private assessments
  • Explain IEP’s to parents – purpose, who should be involved and what to expect?
  • Develop/update IEP goals and communicate with school personnel if requested
  • Liaison between home and school and collaborate with school on development of IEP goals, objectives and strategies
  • Act as Parent Advocate available to attend meetings, communicate with school personnel, help with planning, developing and reviewing IEP goals, objectives and strategies
  • Review and interpret report cards
  • Review school correspondence and discuss content
  • Determine an action plan for individual students: outlining goals, objectives, and strategies
  • Advise parents on best practices for supporting their child, based on their child’s specific profile
  • Provide written reports outlining and summarizing specific needs and observations for parents requiring summary/documentation when seeking further assessments and diagnoses etc.
  • Navigating the public education system on the North Shore – where to seek help and how to proceed if you feel your child requires extra support
  • Parent Consultation to discuss benefit of further assessment from a medical or psyhco-educational perspective
  • Linking parents to resources as requested

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  • British Columbia Ministry of Education – Kindergarten to Grade 12 Information for Parents and Students
  • Dyslexia BC – Parent lead grass roots movement, promoting advocacy and awareness towards Dyslexia and other language based learning disabilities
  • PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs – BC entrepreneurs Bill Roche and Charles Chang have a vision to make Canada more competitive by nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in young people. Bill created PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs® in 1999. Based on the premise that authentic learning involves exploring and trying out new skills in a meaningful, real-world context, the program helps students develop an entrepreneurial toolkit by creating and running their own real business ventures.