Stories from our BrainAcademi Community!

We are always so honoured and grateful to hear the personal stories and words of appreciation from our BrainAcademi Community. We love learning about the positive impact our teachers and programs are making in peoples lives and are so

thankful they allow us to share
those stories with the rest of the world. We hope they will help you on your learning journey at BrainAcademi and if you’re so inspired… we’ll look forward to adding yours as well!


This program is different.

Learn how our BrainAcademi Arrowsmith Program helps students with learning differences reach their full potential.

Don’t wait for a crisis!

Parents of a BrainAcademi Arrowsmith student share their perspective and discuss what they wish they knew. 

BrainAcademi can help you strengthen your Aging Brain!

Brain change is inevitable as we age but our program can help you strengthen these areas and make real and lasting changes.

Check back for more stories from our BrainAcademi Community!